Past Team Members

People on this page made a lasting contribution to the FreeEMS project in various ways, but are no longer involved for various reasons.

Being listed on this page does NOT constitute any endorsement by those people. Take their mentions as a sign of respect from current team members, not as a sign that they currently support the project.

Past Major Contributors

People who, in the past, have made a substantial and lasting impact on the project. These people did a lot of work that directly impacted the success of the FreeEMS project. Even if they are no longer involved, they shall not be forgotten.

David Andruczyk

David is a veteran of DIY EFI having been around since the early days of the old diy-efi mailing list. David works as a unix administrator by day and both develops and maintains MegaTunix and Extace by night. He holds a Bachelor of Technology with a major in Electrical Engineering Tech with a minor in Computer Information Systems. Other than software, his passions are aircraft and motorcycles. Inline with that, he spends a significant amount of time almost every week volunteering at the 1941 Historical Aircraft Group Museum.

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Marcos Chaparro

Marcos has a keen interest in car modification and EFI systems. He is currently completeing an engineering degree at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional in Argentina. His primary contribution was being the first person to have a hardware design manufactured and used.

Bryan Harris

Bryan has a long history of modified car ownership and spent four years in the navy. He is currently completing a computer science degree in southern California. His application, OpenLogViewer, has played an absolutely critical roll in development of the firmware through data visualisation using source level customisations only possible with true free software.

Jared Harvey

Jared is interested in all things technical and loves to take a hands on approach. He holds a BSc in Electro-Mechanical Engineering and specialises in electronic design. Jared was the first person to attempt a hardware design for FreeEMS, his project is dubbed "DFH".

Aaron Barnes

Aaron works as a professional developer for an open source oriented software company in Wellington, New Zealand. Aaron was the first person to attempt a tuning user interface GUI application for FreeEMS.

Influential Contributors

People who didn't necessarily do much, or in some cases anything, but who influenced the direction of the project substantially with their input, feedback and advice.

Flappy Socks

Flappy is responsible for the initial FreeEMS serial communication specification. Although that doesn't sound like much, it was, and still is, extremely important.

Jean Bélanger

Jean was always there to offer high quality constructive criticism and objective technical feedback. He almost always maintained a level head against the odds and in doing so was influential in key areas.

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