Join The Team

If you'd like to join the FreeEMS team, you've come to the right place! Read on to see if you're a good fit for this community.

What It Takes

Qualities like honesty, transparency, respectfulness, thoroughness, quality focused, attention to detail, thick skinned, etc will serve you well in the world of FreeEMS. Conversely, if you're easily offended, over sensitive, careless, rough, lazy, slimy, dishonest, arrogant beyond your skills, etc, then you'll find the world of FreeEMS to be a tough place to exist.

What's Expected

We all have families, lives, and jobs too, and understand people's proprities are not necessarily the FreeEMS project at all times. The best advice is to avoid over-promising yourself. Over the years that's been the number one source of heart-ache for everyone involved. We expect the following things:

If you live by these mantras, then you really can't go wrong!

What You Get

Fame and glory. No, really, if you approach things with the right attitude, work hard enough, and are good at what you do, you'll find your way to the main team page in no time. And for those that don't have the time or energy to achieve that much, the feeling of helping others achieve is a very good one. Every time a FreeEMS vehicle starts up and/or drives down the road we all smile in unison.

How To Proceed

Think that you've got what it takes? Start by diving into the forums and getting to know the regulars or dropping into IRC for a chat. There's bound to be something you can help with at any given time. A list of available tasks isn't maintained because it changes too quickly. Through getting to know the regulars you'll soon come to see where help is really needed. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Click here, or here, and get started now! :-)

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