Team FreeEMS

FreeEMS would not have been the high quality, world class success that it is, without the help of many individuals. It is the goal of this page to attempt to list each and every one of those, no matter how small their contributions were. Additionally, those individuals who had a large impact on the project's success will be shown here with a bit of extra information, and, where possible, a photograph or two.

Current Major Contributors

People who continue to make a lasting and substantial impact on the project. These people have done and continue to do a lot of work that directly impacted the success of the FreeEMS project.

Fred Cooke

Fred is the founder of the FreeEMS project and coordinates, organises and oversees most aspects of it. He is also the founder of the wider movement which aims for a full FOSS set of automotive performance tools. Fred holds a Bachelor of Science with a major in Computer Science including seven stage three papers in the field, more than double the required amount. He's worked on software projects in five countries and has been programming for more than twenty years. Fred grew up around engines and has had grease under his finger nails for even longer than he's had a keyboard under them. A history of hobby level audio electronics and general home circuit repair rounds out his broad skill set and positions him as the perfect man for the job of system architect. His specialty is in maintaining high overall system quality through excellent process and effective team communication.

welly.monument.jpg yacht.with.emil.jpg

Sean Keys

Sean is not only the first person to find the project (before it was announced) but also the second largest contributor to the firmware. Sean works in the IT industry and has been tinkering with gasoline powered toys for most of his life. When not coding for the FreeEMS project you can find Sean out in the desert tearing up the dunes.

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Ben Fenner

Ben has been building, disecting, and repairing electronics and computers since his father first gave him a pile of batteries, wires, switches, and buzzers to play with as a child. His background in modified cars started soon after and his interest in engine management was a natural progression. Ben is a formally trained software engineer, recieving his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of South Carolina. Since the planning stages of the project, Ben has consistently provided excellent feedback on functional and user requirements. Ben has always made himself available to bounce ideas off and has never failed to help steer the project in the right direction.

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Missing Persons Department

A number of people should appear above but aren't listed yet for various reasons, among them are at least the following names:

  • Andy Goss - Hardware design.
  • Dan Visser - Hardware design.
  • Preston Saunders - Hardware design.
  • Michael Carpenter - Tuning software author.
  • Peter Johnson - Decoder design/testing.
  • HotCat - Hardware design.
  • Anon1 - Firmware unit testing.
  • Anon2 - Firmware unit testing.
  • Anon3 - Financial and moral support.
  • Anon4 - Financial and moral support.
  • Anon5 - Financial and moral support.

Other Contributors

Past contributors can be found by clicking the following link. Past Team Members

A list of minor contributors, can be found by clicking the following link. Minor Contributors

Join The Team

If you'd like to join the FreeEMS team, and help create the best engine management system out there, checkout the Join The Team page for advice on whether or not you measure up.

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